A New Trend For Men

During the First World War, the trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers. Such designers as Burberry submitted the first ideas for these coats that repelled water while allowing the wearer freedom of movement, which soldiers had a serious need for while fighting in the trenches. Today the trench coat seems to be making quite the fashion statement for both men and women who appreciate what Thomas Burberry designed as the army officer’s new raincoat. The trench coat offers something for every style of dress, such as heavy metal, Goth fashion, or the classic and professional business look most commonly seen on men. Not only does the trench coat make a fashion statement but also offers rich history, comfort and warmth.

The full-length style of the trench coat offers warmth and protection to the entire length of the body, which for most months out of the year is very useful to the businessman in the windy city. The coat also protects a man’s trousers from becoming wet during a rainstorm, which is helpful for the businessman traveling to work. Even fictional characters such as Dick Tracy, The Phantom, The Crow, Neo from The Matrix, and much more bring this fashionable item to life on the big screen and have actually managed to make this item quite iconic. Seeing such articles of clothing worn on today’s stars can always prompt a fashion buzz for people to take a trend and run with it. Although the average Joe cannot usually afford what they see worn on the stars like today’s Burberry trench coat which can run you well over a thousand dollars, there will always be a more affordable option to go with. A man’s coat is a very important thing that should be individualized and should still have their own personal touch and likings rather than a simple copy of the latest designer fashion worn by a celebrity.

The traditional trench coat is made out of a material called gabardine, which dates back to the 1870’s and is virtually crease-proof, well-ventilated, and resistant to the elements. They are typically double-breasted with ten buttons and usually made in tan, khaki, beige, or black. They often have cuff straps along the sleeves, shoulder straps, and a belt. More of the modern trench coats seen today may offer zipper pockets on the inside and outside of the coat, warm removable liners and can be printed or come in brighter colors to make more of a bold statement. So now the question is, will today’s man be able to keep up a long known tradition while evolving it into today’s modern fashions or will it simply remain a bit of history?