Trench Coat For Women – Comfortable, Fashionable and Practical

A trench coat is basically a raincoat made of heavy duty cotton drill, poplin, leather or wool gabardine. While it was developed as an alternative to heavy overcoats for soldiers during the First World War, today trench coats for women are stylish and trendy. They don’t just protect you from the rain and wind but add a certain chic to your appearance. Plus, they are extremely versatile and practical as they can be worn in spring as well as fall. The other advantage is that they have a slimming effect while being very comfortable to wear. The range of trench coats for women is amazing. There are different colors, styles, materials, lengths and designs available. Some are lined, some unlined and yet others come with a removable lining. They may also come with accessories like shoulder straps, a belt or D-rings. They look good with a vast majority of outfits.

Leather trench coats are always in style and very popular. The leather quality plays an important role in how sharp and elegant your coat looks. It is wise to spend a little more to get a high quality as it will last you for years to come.

BGSD Women’s New Zealand Lambskin Leather Trench Coat:

Made of premium brown lambskin leather this trench coat exudes luxury. It has a button closure front with a notched collar and two exterior pockets. The length from center back is 36 inches which makes it about knee length. This is the most traditional length for trench coats. The lining and detailing has been done with care and speaks of superior quality.

Metallic Leather Trench Coat:

If you would like to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe then this coat from Newport News is just the thing for you. The buttery soft Metallic Bronze leather is eye catching. The princess seams give it a subtle shaping. It features a tie belt and side seam pockets. It comes with a full lining.

Even though they are available in all lengths, anything above the knee is not too practical. You want to look stylish but you also want to be protected and if the coat is too short you are likely to get wet or feel cold.

We are often drawn to neutral colors like black, beige, brown, etc when we choose our outerwear. But several famous designers today are encouraging stylish women to add some color to their coats. A red trench coat for women fits this bill perfectly. It looks bright and fashionable.

London Fog Women’s Single Breasted Belted Trench with Tab:

Made out of 100% polyester this coat has a button tab belt loop and a notched collar. It fits well on all body types and will keep you looking good and well protected. It sells for about $150.00 but if you shop around you can find for as low as $105.00.

If you are brand conscious then you will surely appreciate an elegant Burberry Trench Coat for Women.

Black And Grey Check Trench:

This is a double breasted coat in the black and gray Burberry check. It is finished with one right chest gun flap, epaulettes on the shoulder and two front slash pockets. It features a back rain shield and 19″ back vent. It is made from a blend of cotton, acrylic and polyester and has a satin finish lining. It will cost you around $1400.00.

Trench coats are an important part of most wardrobes today and are the perfect alternative to bulky parkas and heavy raincoats.

New Season Autumn Trends 2010

Understated Chic

A strict palette of navy, black, camel, grey and white determines the look on this seasons catwalks. Effortless and unfussy, minimalist pieces in deluxe fabrics combine to elegant effect. Accessories are kept to a minimum. Simple pared down chic is the key Autumn/Winter trend.

Colour Explosion

Amongst the muted shades of Autumn there is an explosion of colours, vibrant greens and blues alongside fizzy yellows and rose pink can be found in the collections of Versace, Balenciaga and Jonathan Saunders. Worn in varying tones of the same shade, this flamboyant trend is all about colour and creativity.


A favourite wardrobe staple, the camel coat was evident in every style possible from floor length to trench coat. The shades varied from the lightest buff to the darkest cinder toffee tones. Cosy and comfortable Capes were a surprise addition to most collections. Real and fake fur in shaggy cuts and shrug styles abound. Animal stripes and winter whites were joined by light rose and antique pink shades creating a softer look!

Evening wear

Romance and retro were the key looks for evening wear. 50s inspired smart pencil skirts or circle skirts and prom dresses with featured belts to display ultra feminine tiny waists, full hips and a generous bust line. Teamed with retro framed handbags and elbow length leather gloves. Elegant long evening skirts combined with slouchy knits, as were long floral bohemian dresses in grey, fawn and toffee shades. The collections were over flowing with sheer lace looks. See through gowns and blouses over body suits or stockings and suspenders for a daring sensual look!


High Waisted Trousers, beautifully tailored, creased – front, leg lengthening styles are sweeping away the harem pants and jodhpurs. Wear with killer heels and signature belt as seen on the catwalks of Chloe, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. Also predicted for this Autumn is the change of hemline to midi. Either stretchy and tubular or straight and silky, again with your highest heels. Team with a Leopard print coat or jacket as demonstrated by Miu Miu, Emilio Pucci and Lanvin recently.

Reflecting current affairs, the military influence has been evident in Dior’s bomer jacket and pencil skirt combos and Burberry’s aviator jackets, with designers Donna Karan and Prada introducing military influenced pieces into their latest collections. The prevailing colour theme appears to be red this season with all the top houses exploring it in their collections. Socks and shoes were seen across all collections, taking its lead from the summer’s tribal ikat colours and delicate lace offerings,. Hosiery visits new style frontiers this winter, sheer ankle socks add extra style points. Shoes are seductive, adventurous and ladylike. From platform stilettos to grown up kitten heels and knee high sock boots with tractor tyre soles. Gloves are elbow length ( leave them long or scrunch down your forearm). Handbags are classic smart styles in beautiful natural tone leather. Slimline belts are a must this season.

Women’s Designer Belts

Most of the time, the best way to create a chic and stylish look is by accessorizing. Learning how to accessorize properly can spell a huge difference between looking drab into glamorously fabulous.

We can even come-up with whole new looks with the same outfits just by using different accents each time. One accessory that will never go out of style is that thing we put around our waists called belts.

Whether we choose a designer belt or any regular belt, so long as we know how to use them well; we can create a stunning ensemble every time. On the other hand, designer belts don’t need a lot of work; simply wearing them is accent enough to any outfit.

Different Belts for Women

Women who have a good fashion sense know just how to put belts into good use. Whether we put them through the belt holes in our jeans and soft pants; or we use these to accent our skirts, empire-cut tops, shorts or tube dresses; belts can work their magic to any ensemble any time.

Belts come in many different materials and styles; and each one can provide us with the right accent to complete our look. Soft, polyester belts; hard and soft leather; belts in all shades and combinations; our choices run the gamut so we’ll never run out of options when it comes to selecting the right belt to accentuate our outfits.

We may also find that designer belts have a wider range of styles, shades and sizes. Typically, these types of belts come out with different styles each season so we can be sure that they can provide us with just the perfect accent for whatever clothes are in season at the moment.

Some of the most popular branded belts carry such popular names as Prada, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Paul Smith, Gianni Versace and Fendi. Price range for these designer belts is roughly somewhere between $180 – $400; depending on the style.

Choosing Designer Belts Online

While we may be a bit apprehensive with buying our belts online; after all, we would want to get the feel of the belt before purchasing it; plus we want. To be certain that we are getting the real deal. These are quite expensive belts so we want to be sure of our purchase.

However, designer belts that are being offered online are the real deal. They are also the ones that we would find in the land-based designer stores and outlets; the only difference is that we are not walking into an actual shop, but a virtual one.

In fact, buying our designer belts online could be the better choice because these are noticeably cheaper; plus normally, online shops have marketing promos to entice more customers which means that we may get more than just an excellent belt when we but it online!

Available sizes for each belt, colors and styles that they come in are all included in the websites hence; we can get all the information that we need to make a good purchase, right on the internet.

The only precaution that we will have to take is the specific online shop where we will be getting our designer belts from. We can find out about these trustworthy online shops through word-of-mouth or referrals from friends.

Practical Advice on Fashion Accessories

A few accessories to enhance and flaunt your beauty are, not in that order, hand bags, jewellery, shoes, sun glasses, scarves, gloves and so forth. Read on for both genders.



You could look at flip flops as an interesting idea for your shoes. The other interesting ideas include shoes with printed design of popular symbols, ankle straps and ones with a little fine detail like tiny chains.


Handbags with prints of bold messages or symbols will showcase your dynamic personality; add to it a pinch of witty humor and you will be perfect. Choose colors that are not so flashy as those might give you a retro look; colors like beige are pleasing as well as elegant. Why not add a dash of your creativity and choose ones with tiny ornaments studded on to the handbags!


The jewellery idea en vogue is perhaps a necklace with several layers with several beads. Wear that cute little bracelet in funky designs: amoeba designs and other irregular patterns. Can you afford to miss your wrist watch? Get creative and demand designs that are out of the world; after all, your watch is also a jewel.

Sun Glasses

There is a whole new clan in the offing. Sun glasses and power glasses with thick frames and flashy colors is definitely not off the wall. Choose trendy colors and get that second look!

Some Designer labels for women:

Dolce & Gabbana, Bolongaro Trevor, J Shoes, Fiva, Moschino ‘cheap n chic’, Paul Smith, Oska


Women have ruled the fashion world all along but men are fast catching up. Do not get laid behind; discover the fashion trends to invent your supremacy in the fashion arena.


Go for large straps if you want to look funky. But reserve the watches with not-so-big straps for formal occasions. You may want to choose a metal band with a light-colored dial. Good luck, CEO!


Wallets are only used to store money, right? Wrong. Every time you take that wallet out, you are announcing to the world whether you are fashionable or not. Can you afford to declare it in the negative? Nah! Psst…give your wallets an overhaul periodically and that would do the trick.


Keep your belts to be worn on formal occasions thin and save those glamorous thick belts to accompany a party animal that is you! Much so, a dual color reversible belt may suit your not-so-formal occasion perfectly.

Some Designer labels for men:

Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Richmond, Charles Hubert


This is not a professional advice and should at best be used as tips. Always take advice from professional practitioners in that field.