Wild Serpentine Trend Is Striking The 2011 Spring/Summer Fashion

Wild and sexy lines such as leopard, zebra lines are popular season after season. In the 2011 spring/summer series, the ferocious serpentine adds another wild element to the beast lines. Burberry and Lanvin have launched their serpentine single products. Can the cold-blooded and stylish serpentine pattern impress you?

In this season, the classic Burberry wind coats have already had the fresh new interpretation with the changing of the trend. In fact, most people no longer indulge in the detail changes of wind coats; they have begun to focus on the short jackets, motorcycle leather pants, corset belts and the sleeves which are entirely nailed with rivets.

You may start to question if Burberry is about to create the British Balmain fashion styles. But do not forget the important element of Burberry in this season. That is definitely the serpentine trend which has the strongest visual impact brought by Christopher Bailey. From the brown python pattern to the yellow, green ones, from the wind breaker jacket to the handbags and belts, you can find serpentine patterns are everywhere. This British brand is quietly flaunting with the wild style.

In addition, Lanvin, the brand which always takes the elegant and graceful styles, is also creating the serpentine fashion. In its Net-A-Porter series, serpentine lines are installed in the jackets, skirts, backpacks bikinis and any other wearing articles. Although their textures and colors are not as bold as Burberry serpentine items, the wild styles are becoming softened in its aesthetic designs. Having the different view points, they all make the wild serpentine trend hot up in the 2011 spring/summer fashion stage.